Ideal for any office!

Universal sit-stand desk system solutions are designed for a modern work environment which is perfectly adjusted for the individual needs of the user. ONE sit-stand desks are ideal for any office space thanks to their design and great value for money that they offer. The electric adjustable desk is an indispensable tool in maintaining employee productivity and well-being in the ever-changing work environment.

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Easy adjustment

It is rather easy to have a correct posture not only while you sit but also while standing. You simply have to choose a proper desk height based on your own height. You can change the height of the desk at the touch of a button. ONE operates quietly and has low energy consumption while in idle mode.

Easily adaptable design

Thanks to its universal design, this sit-stand desk can be easily adapted to a variety of different interiors. While working at the desk with T-shaped legs, you will be able to enjoy a freedom of movement as there will be more space underneath the table and around it.

Feet types

Choose from two types of metal feet, the universal or light design version.

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