his universal storage system is designed for easy document archiving. Choose from our wide range of storage cabinets to suit your specific needs and to make efficient use of your office space.

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Easy way to create unique reception furniture

Firstly, choose the furniture base that suits you best from a range of nine different options. DOMINO base is only a background for mixing and matching different colours and textures.

Secondly, combine two thicknesses of exterior panels (18 and 31 mm). This will add character to the pattern being created.

Thirdly, choose panels in multiple colours and combine different coatings: upholstery, melamine and natural veneer.

Lastly, create your own custom pattern using panels available in 200, 400, 600 and 800 mm sizes.

Wide range

We offer a wide range of cabinets available in different heights and widths. Our range includes bookcases, cabinets with doors, cabinets with tambour doors, and desk cabinets.


Well-organized storage of office materials

UNI cabinets are an excellent choice if you are looking for storage solutions that enable you to organize documents efficiently and help locate them quickly. A large selection of accessories allow you to arrange the inside of the cabinets based on your individual needs.

Colourful details

Add a touch of playful style to your cabinets. An upholstered back of the cabinet adds colour to your office space and absorbs noise. If you choose a cabinet with a special back suitable for writing on it, you will have an additional space to capture your ideas.

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